Cinema , Oh cinema

Screenwriters wrote in many different styles and genre to sate our own pleasure.

From deep romance, making people “tears up” with something in their eyes and give them rotten teeth from the sweetness, to  a good old scary horror film, without, of course forgetting, fantasy, drama, comedy, western and many others; everyone gets their fill.

However, my own little guilty craving lies in action movies, pure sheer, action films;  with their explosions, cars races, gun fights and cheesy cliché villains with minions.  Because for me, after some long complicated day, nothing can beat a satisfying mind-numbing movie.   It’s not an overly complex explanation, the stories are generally pretty similar, either be it the scenario or the characters, they always seem to have a few plots holes and frankly we always know the end far before it even starts. Yet, despite all of this I find them somehow inspirational.

From the start the main character have constantly a goal, an ambition in their lives; be it love, revenge,  a job or even a completely impossible crazy dream; they have it and they are dead set on realizing it. Sometimes they are talented or  another time they don’t, they aren’t the brightest or the strongest, but they do not backdown. No matter how hard it is, how hopeless is the situation;  even if something stands up in their ways, holding them back, nothing will stop them. Because they are determined, from step  one to 100, they never give up.

That’s why I love action movies so much


“We will either find a way or make one”  Hannibal


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